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Lower Division Clerk

LDC Promotion

88 LDC to UDC Promotion Order (Order 1, Order 2)

(Memorandum No. A-48011/5/2011-DPAR/SS.II(2) Dated 08-02-2011 of the DP&AR(PW))

(Memorandum No. A-48011/6/2011-DPAR/SS.II(2) Dated 09-02-2011 of the DP&AR(PW))

  Final Seniority list of Lower Division Clerk

Upper Division Clerk

Seniority List Tentative Seniority List of UDC

UDC Promotion

56 UDC to Assistant Promotion

(Memorandum No. A-48011/1/2011-DPAR/SS.II(1) Dated 25-02-2011 of the DP&AR(PW))

  Regularaisation of UDC Phase-III (Memorandum No. A-11019/1/2010-DPAR/SS.II(2) Dated 24-08-2010 of the DP&AR(PW)
  Regularaisation of UDC Phase-II (Memorandum No. A-11019/1/2010-DPAR/SS.II(2) Dated 23-07-2010 of the DP&AR(PW)
  Regularaisation of UDC Phase-I (Memorandum No. 48011/ 10/2008- DPAR/SS-II(2) Dated 16-06-2010 of the DP&AR(PW)



79 UDC to Assistant Promotion Order   - Posting Order

Transfer and Posting of Assistants

  Communication regarding Assistant Pay Scale from Government of India
  Regularaisation of Assistants Phase-IV (Memorandum No. 11019/3/2010-DP&AR/SS-II(1) Dated 27-08-2010 of the DP&AR(PW)
  Regularaisation of Assistants Phase-III (Memorandum No. 11019/3/2010-DP&AR/SS-II(1) Dated 23-07-2010 of the DP&AR(PW)

Regularaisation of Assistants Phase-II (Memorandum No. 11019/ 1/2009-DP&AR/SS-II(1) Dated 03-06-2010 of the DP&AR(PW) (Assistants of 102)


Regularaisation of Assistants (Memorandum No. 11019/9/2008-DP&AR/SS-II(1) Dated 17-05-2010 of the DP&AR(PW) (Assistants of 130)



  Revised Tentative Seniority list of Superintendent Grade-I
  D.A. Order

D.A. Order September 2010 - G.O. Ms. No. 41/F3/2010 dated 24-09-2010

  D.A. Order G.O. Ms. No. 10/2010/F3 dated 31-03-2010 (Government of Puducherry's Order)
  Bonus Order 2010 - G.O. Ms. No. 42/F3/2010 dated 24-09-2010
  Other Orders
  Enhancement of Children Education Allowance by 25% (GOI)
  Application For Accounts Test (Higher) - Notified vide I.D. Note/ Memorandum No. A-34012/13/2010-DP&AR(Exam) dated 21-07-2010 of the DP&AR (PW)
  Regularaisation of Leave during Strike period
  Order for release of 3rd and Final Installment of VI CPC arrears issued vide G.O. Ms. No. 11/F3/2010 dated 06-04-2010
  Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for the posts of UDC/Assistant postponed vide Memo. No. A.34012/9/2007-DP&AR(EXAM) dated 08-04-2010 which was incorporated in the Minutes issued by the Government to PUMSA



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