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  Reimbursement of Children Education Allowance (Form - 2)

  Joint Declaration

  Application Form for Transfer

  Medical Essential Certificate - Certificate 'A'

  Medical Certificate for Non-Gazetted Officers for Leave & Fitness Certificate

  Form of Surety Bond (Form - I)

  Application Form for an advance for purchase of Motor Car/ Motor Cycle/ Personal Computer

  Form of Mortgage Bond for Personal Computer - Initial Advance (Form - IV)

  Form of agreement to be executed before drawing and advance for the purchase of a Personal Computer (Form - II)

  Form of giving prior intimation for transaction in respect of Movable property / Immovable Property - Rule 18(3) and Rule 18(2)

  Application form for Grant of advance for purchase of Land or Part/Full Construction, Enlargement etc. of a House


Attested Forms

FORM-1    Nomination  For Retirement Gratuity/Death  Gratuity

FORM-A    Nomination For Payment Of Arrears Of Pension (Nomination) Rules, 1983

FORM-IA   Form Of Application For Commutation Of A Fraction Of Superannuation Pension Without Medical Examination When Applicant Desires That The Payment Of The Commuted Value Of Pension Should Be Authorized Through The Pension Payment Order

FORM-I     Form Of Application For Commutation Of A Fraction Of Pension Without Medical Examination

FORM–5    Nomination Under Rule 7 Of The Central Civil Services (Commutation Of Pension) Rules, 1981

FORM-12   Form Of Application For The Grant Of Death-Cum-Retirment Gratuity On The Death Of A Government Servant

FORM-14   Form of application for the grant of Family Pension 1964 on in Death of a Government Servant/Pensioner

FORM-3     Details  Of  Family


Form of Application for Final Payment in The General Provident Fund Account

Form-4      Application for Payment of Accumulation under U.T.G.E.G.I.S., 1984

Form-8      Nomination for Benefit under the U.T.G.E.G.I.S., 1984




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